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Regulacja kolumny rektyfikacyjnej

Adjustment of fractionating column

For many years Chemat has been constructing systems for chemical and food industries. In this period we have repeatedly adjusted the systems equipped with fractionating columns developed by our company. Over the years we have acquired irreplaceable and valuable experience and knowledge about adjustment of columns and we are pleased to share it with you in this article.

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Spiralne wymienniki ciepła

Spiral heat exchangers

The spiral heat exchangers are used to exchange heat between  liquid-phase agents. This diaphragm-type exchanger ensures that media do not directly mix each other while the heat exchange. The exchanger consists of horizontal spiralled layers. Its construction has many advantages in the heat recovery process.

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Utylizacja odpadów niebezpiecznych

Hazardous waste recycling

Chemat has a long-standing experience in the hazardous waste management. Chemat commenced this business activity in 1998 when it began the cooperation with the largest company in Poland involved in the exploration and extraction of natural gas and crude oil.

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Kalkulator prężności pary wodnej